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Seychelles: why you need to spend your next vacation here

Seychelles: why you need to spend your next vacation here

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   January 18, 2018
 What could be better than to rush to the warm lands and bask on the ocean under a palm tree, while at home it is still winter and gloomy days? In this sense, Seychelles is an ideal choice, because the tourist season here lasts 365 days a year!
  Seychelles – Photo by Federico Robertazzi

Climate on Seychelles subequatorial marine, and it can be divided into two main seasons: hot (from December to May, when the average temperature reaches + 29 ° C), and cool (from June to November, with an average temperature + 24 ° C). Thanks to this, the beach season on the islands does not end almost the whole year. Throughout the year, you can go here for a wonderful beach holiday, white sand, clear water and landscapes of incredible beauty. We advise you to plan your vacation so that you have enough time and relax on the beach, and get to know better the beauties of Seychelles.


If you are fond of diving, then the Seychelles will have something to see! This can be done, for example, on the island of La Digue, or on the beaches of Anse Forbans and Anse Royal on the island Mae, or go to Silhouette Island – like Mahe, it is protected from strong currents by a coral reef, so it’s also suitable for beginners Cousteau.

  Anse Forbans Beach – Photo by graham fiford
  Diving in the Seychelles – Photo by FabSom

In addition, there are about seventy diving sites on the islands, but the following are considered the most popular: Trompeuse Rocks, Mamelles Island, Brissare Rocks, Shark Bank, Ennerdale Rocks (famous for the wreckage of an old ship).

Well, if you prefer to conquer the waves riding on a board, then places for surfing are better than the beaches “” and “Grand Anse”, you will not find.

Surfing in the Seychelles – Photo by Uladzislau Kulakevich

Do not forget about the famous Seychelles beaches, because it is for their sake that hundreds of tourists come here. Seychelles – it’s already 115 islands, so choosing a suitable corner for relaxation is easy! So, for lovers of secluded relaxation, the remote and quiet beaches of “Anse Soleil”, “Anse-Petit-Poli”, “Anse-a-la-Mosh” and “Anse-Forbans” (Mahe Island) are quite suitable, and if you want to not only sunbathe , but also to admire the beautiful landscapes, then you have to La Digue, the benefit of the beaches here abound: they are in the bays of Petit Ari, Grand Anse, Anse Coco, Reunion, Chambers, Gulett, Gros Roche and Furmi.

Deserted beaches of La Digue island – Photo by Sa Mu

Excursion program

Seychelles is just an idle recline on the beach and sipping cocktails. The islands (even the smallest) are rich in interesting places that are definitely worth a visit.

So, if you plan to spend your holidays on the Mahe, we advise you to visit the Royal Spice Garden or admire the beautiful nature in the Seychelles Morne Nature Reserve.

Royal Spice Garden – Photo by Wholesomeway

And at the same time look into the Historical Museum of the city of Victoria and the Village of Artisans, where you can personally observe Creole life, as well as get acquainted with Creole culture, crafts and cuisine. Do not forget to visit the local tea factory and buy something there to your liking, as well as a souvenir to relatives.

In Praslin, be sure to visit the May Valley National Park – only here you can see the rare sea coconut palms, which are considered the symbol of Seychelles. And also – you will see local birds and get acquainted with representatives of the fauna. But to admire the beauties of local landscapes is best in the bay of St. Anne, on the cape of St. Mary or in Lazio Bay.

May Valley Park in Praslin

La Digue will impress you with the untouched tropical nature, you just have to visit the bay of Surs d’Arzhan and Cape Turcy, and the island of Aldabra will be remembered for a long time by its magnificent huge coral lagoon.

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